Light by Iris Photography Website Update { Brentwood Franklin Tennessee }

Since September 2018, Light by Iris is officially a business based Brentwood/Franklin Tennessee, and providing photography services to Nashville surrounding areas.

During the winter break, I have been updating my portfolio with more current photos from sessions I had here in Tennessee. It feels like a ceremony to meβ€”β€” a way to wrap up my past and say hello to the new journey. I know some people feel very differently when look back photos taken in their early careers. I certainly could tell the progress I have been made when look back to those photos from my very first sessions. But I still enjoy them, because those moments are still precious and beautiful. When I look at those photos, they are time capsules that all the feelings flash back, and I can feel those love and connections vividly. And now when I am looking at photos I took recently, I am very proud that I am still who I am, artistic, real, and genuine.

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