Questions and Answers for Lifestyle In-home Newborn Photo Session {Nashville area, Franklin, Brentwood, Lifestyle Photographer}

What is a lifestyle newborn photography session?
Lifestyle newborn session is very different from traditional posed/studio newborn session.  It is relaxed, emotive and free flowing with a focus on simplicity, connection, and storytelling.  It’s meant to document first days of baby’s life in the home, with a little personal style and minimal distraction. These photos show your real life, but on a day when you had the chance to shower, select something lovely to wear, and make the bed.

What do we wear?  What does baby wear?

I always suggest to wear something you feel comfortable, and never be stressed about picking the outfits. We can go with neutral and pastel colors, add some pops of prints or colors, mix and match textures. The rule of thumbs is not to be too matching matchy, but coordinated, and that’s about it. For baby, we can change couple of outfits during the session. One might be a simple onesie, another might be a daytime outfit with some fun prints, and you can also swaddle baby with your favourite muslin or special blanket.  This is where you can be creative and add your personal style to the session.  

What if my home isn't picture perfect?

I got lots of questions about this one. The answer is simple ——there is no such thing as picture perfect! I have lots of sessions taken in apartments and small houses with extremely limited natural light, and some houses are very messy that I feel there is nothing I haven't seen. “Home is not a place, it is a feeling.” You can follow my simple guide to prepare the home for session, but there is absolutely nothing to worry about if your home is picture perfect. At the end of the day, it’s really not about if your furnitures are fancy or not, or if your decors are photogenic. It’s you, and your family what matters. As long as we have one window and one bed, we will be fine. And if we have everyone in the moment, we will be great!

The featured session was taken in a cozy one bedroom apartment in Nashville downtown, for a family of four (let’s count! we have a loving couple, an adorable baby, and a sweetest dog!). You can tell we only got two scenes to work with, a couch and a bed. But this is one of my favorite newborn sessions, where I enjoy every single bit of time I spend with this loving family.

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