A First Birthday Celebration {Documentary Photographer, Nashville, TN)

Most of us might have a few pictures of birthday celebrations from our childhood, usually blowing out candles. If we're lucky, those pictures include our family and friends too and provide a glimpse into our childhoods we probably don't remember very well. That’s the value of documenting these milestones and special occasions. And first birthdays are especially sweet, especially when you're surrounded by family and friends. I see this little guy being hugged and kissed by his cousins, parents, grandparents, aunts, great aunts, and I love that he'll have these pictures to look back on and see how loved he is. And I particularly like the party was held at their backyard in East Nashville. Her mom did an amazing job if you can’t tell how much effort she put into making her son’s birthday celebrations memorable. From party favors, dessert bar, Photo Booth, to cake and a super cool BALLOON BAR! - all the choices that represent family vibes and personality. I love the whole theme is so light-hearted and tasteful! And the father and grandfather did a fantastic job to build the balloon bar, a big hit in the party!

There are so many photos I would like to share. A lot of moments between this boy with his family are just heart melted. He is such an incredible soul, light up the room wherever he enters the scene. He is extremely bright with the best personality. He recognized everyone and greeted them with the sweetest smile, body language, and cute baby talks. He enjoyed his cake and didn’t mind to share. I can’t help but smile when I observed and photographed him through my lens.

A first birthday is also a celebration for the parents making it through that first year of having a baby. It's a year full of intense highs and lows. There are sleepless nights and inconsolable cries, but also the first tooth, the first smile, the first pull up, first everything. All these mark the indescribable expansion of the heart to fully include another being into an established relationship. This birthday party was perfectly about this boy, evident in all the adoring smiles of those surrounding him who care so much about him.

Mother’s choice of vendors:

Birthday Boy Outfits: Elizabeth Layne Heirloom http://www.elizabethlayneheirloom.com

Balloons: Vroom Vroom Balloon https://www.vroomvroomballoon.com

Cake: Copper Whisk Cakes http://copperwhiskcakes.com

Rentals: Liberty Party Rental https://libertypartyrental.com