A Very Special Newborn Session {lifestyle&documentary newborn photographer, Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood}

Last week I had the honor of photographing Michelle's family on the second day their baby Kai arrived. Kai was only seven days old, and everyone was already settling into their new roles and learning what it’s like to be a family of four. I felt so emotional during this session, being there to document this most loving family I have photographed —— where Kai was so contentedly sleeping in his dad and mom's arms, kissed by his sister, called his name once, twice, and three. My favorite photos are the ones they were all in the moment of hustles. The real moments of taking care families within ordinary, as beautiful as it can be.

I will leave you to photos now, but before that, Michelle wrote this message to baby Kai that I want to share with you all.

“Being your mom is a thing I will never, ever take granted. Since bringing you home I have prayed, cried, and thanked the Lord for the privilege of being your mom and having you here with us. We prayed for you for a very long time. I am writing this during the early hour feedings and I am just full of so much gratitude. I promised your biological mother that I would love and support you in every way and that I would raise you to accomplish your dreams and aspirations. That is what I will do as long as I am on this earth. Sweet and perfect Kai, we are so blessed that she trusted us with the honor of being your parents. You are so, so loved.” —— Michelle

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