My Light Within - January 2019 Digest {Nashville area, Franklin, Brentwood TN, Lifestyle&Documentary Photographer}

We are stars wrapped in skin, the light you are seeking has always been within.” I don’t know about others, but I have never felt tired of picking up of my camera. Even during the busiest season, I still find my time to take photos for my love ones whenever I can. I name their albums “my light within” and each album got filled up so fast because I just took so many photos for them. One of my 2019 resolutions is, to come up a my-light-within-digest each month, and, here we go. (all the photos from My Light Within will be photographs of my two kids, and mostly taken in or outside our house in Brentwood, Tennessee; parks and other places in Franklin or Nashville; occasionally all over the places if we travel :))