Lifestyle Photo Session Location Guide ---- Nashville Downtown {Nashville area, Franklin, Brentwood TN, Lifestyle Photographer}

The surrounding areas of Nashville such as Franklin and Brentwood have so many beautiful parks,  farms, and hills. As a lifestyle and natural lighting photographer, I am blessed to live in Tennessee with beautiful natural sceneries almost all year long. At the same time, my inner city girl also appreciates Nashville's unique downtown with a full range of characters. Yes, downtown streets have lots of distractions, but those busy lights, colors and lines provide incredible cool and fun urban backdrops that inspire me to do environmental photography, not photos where the whole family standing in front of a signature building or murals. Instead, we are creating images showing your family within the environment and the atmosphere, and how your presence makes the location meaningful.

In this featured session, it gives your ideas of how closeup shots and environmental shots turned out.

For closeup shots, different colors and textures make each shot much more interesting and one of the kind. Whereas, in the natural setting, normally the background of closeup shots will be more similar, lots of greens, etc.

For environmental shots, the story telling could be really engaging. I enjoy telling story of how that day we ran into a mysterious alley, if you scroll down you won’t miss it. It was such a magical moment, turning that gloomy and cold day into something memorable.