What You Are Expecting From A 1st Year Birthday Party Documentary Session {Nashville area, Brentwood, Franklin, TN Lifestyle Photographer}

Photojournalism is my passion, so I always had the best time shooting special occasions, especially little ones’ first birthday parties. A child’s first birthday is a special day that every parent wants to remember——a time to get together with family and friends, make memories, celebrate the triumphs of the baby’s (oh and parents’!) first year. As the photographer, it’s such an honor to document the event, and parents will treasure those photos for life time.

Unlike the lifestyle session, when I do documentary sessions, I will be blending into the background, and make sure those important memories are captured, but you don’t feel like there was a camera in your face the whole time.

Yes, there are guests using Phone to take photos, and there might be a family member using nice camera, but my goal is creating timeless images, keeping memories authentic, in my artistic way.

This featured session is little Rachel’s twinkle star theme 1st birthday party. I love every single bit of this session, too much joy and love.

  1. Getting ready

  2. You and your little one

  3. Connections with important families

  4. Having fun with friends

  5. Cake smash time :)

Start with the “getting ready”——

You and your little one on this special day ——

Little one’s connections with your important families——

Having fun with friends ——

And last but not least, everyone loves cake smash time——